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Criminal Threats

A criminal threat or terroristic threat is a threat that a person is going to harm or kill another person or organization. You will want to secure legal representation with an experienced attorney if someone has accused you of making criminal threats. You can end up with a conviction for a misdemeanor crime or a felony crime, both of which can land you in jail and leave you in financial dire straits and reputation ruins. Fortunately, the right attorney can shield you from such destruction.

Information About Criminal Threats

A criminal threat is one that places the recipient in fear of losing his or her life or being harmed in the manner that the threatening party describes. The charge of criminal threats means that you stated that your were going to hurt the recipient or a family member or friend of the recipient. The contact that you made could have been in-person contact, electronic contact or telephonic contact. The nature of the verbal exchange and the reaction of the recipient determine the charge in many cases.

Examples of Criminal Threats

One example of a criminal threat is when a former boyfriend or girlfriend threatens to beat up the new mate or kill the new mate. Another example of such a threat is telling someone that he or she will “pay in blood” for some offense that the person committed. Humans are not allowed to demand payment in blood. A seasoned attorney can help you with a defense for this charge if a misunderstanding occurred. The court will consider numerous factors, including your history of relating to the other party and the circumstances surrounding the threats. Hiring an attorney is imperative, however. You do not want to handle such a situation on your own.

Penalties for Criminal Threats

The penalty for making criminal threats will depend on the situation. A misdemeanor charge can have a jail sentence of up to one year. A felony conviction for criminal threats can leave you in jail for up to 15 years. The fines can be horrendous.

Criminal Threat Defenses

You may be able to escape prosecution for criminal or terroristic threats if you have the proper defense attorney. You can plead that the perceived threat was not meant to intentionally place fear in the other person. You can claim that an issue of miscommunication existed. You can also claim that there was no way that your could execute such a threat, which means that you committed no crime. You can schedule an appointment with an attorney to discuss the matter.

Who to Call for Assistance

When you face a criminal charge, you want to have the protection of a lawyers who have been on the other side of the fence. Raizer & Kenniff are perfect for your situation because they are former assistant district attorneys. They know how to negotiate, and they know how to back the competition right into the corner. They have been assisting people with crimes such as criminal threats for more than 30 years. You can feel safe trusting them with your problem.

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