Newark Drug Manufacturing Lawyers

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On August 27, 2020

Accused of manufacturing drugs in Newark? Spodek Law Group can help. If you’re convicted of drug manufacturing in NJ, you can face 3-5 years in prison time, fines up to $35,000, drivers license suspension, and more. With so much at risk, its important you speak to an experienced Newark criminal defense attorney at the Spodek Law Group.

Founding partner Todd Spodek has immense experience helping clients get favorable results. Todd, and his team, is available to help you. If you’re arrested, charged with, or think you’re being investigated for drug manufacturing – call our law firm.

Accused of growing marijuana from home?

If you’ve been accused of growing marijuana from your home, talk to our law firm. Charges for growing marijuana can include field cultivation, harvesting, or indoor grow operations. Todd Spodek can build a solid defense for you. He can identify mistakes made by the police, including violations of search and seizure laws. The law offices of Todd Spodek are committed to exploring defenses, and mitigating consequences of drug charges.

Drug manufacturing charges can also be brought if manufacturing paraphernalia is discovered. This can include things used to plant, package, or grow, marijuana, and other drugs. If you’re also found in possession of a hand gun, the gun possession charge can be handled in conjunction with the drug case.