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Types of Hunterdon County Theft Cases We Handle

The majority of theft charges contained in the New Jersey Criminal Code are found in Title 20. The rest of the theft offenses are scattered through the code elsewhere. The lawyers at Spodek Law Group defend all cases in this category, including:

Prescription Drug Forgery/Fraud. When a person acquires a prescription legend drug by misrepresentation of identity, quantity or dosage, that can get them a criminal charge for obtaining cds by fraud. A companion offense that often comes up with this charge is possession of drugs and forgery.

Shoplifting. When one is arrested for committing a retail theft they are customarily charged with shoplifting. There are 6 activities that constitute “shoplifting”.  These include:

  1. concealing merchandise,
  2. swapping, defacing or removing price tags,
  3. swapping, defacing or removing a box or other packaging to distort the true value,
  4. under-ringing or
  5. simply taking possession of items and
  6. trying to remove them from the store without paying.

Theft by Deception. This theft charge involves use of some type of deception to steal money or property from another person. The deception can involve misrepresentation of value, fact, authority or pretty much any other fact could create a false impression. Additionally, it applies where someone prevents another person from acquiring information that can affect their judgment regarding a transaction.

Receiving Stolen Property. If you purchases or acquires property knowing that it is stolen, you expose yourself to a charge of receiving stolen property. This charge is somewhat unique in that someone can be convicted without first-hand knowledge that the items had been stolen; if they believe it is “probably stolen”, that’s enough to put you in trouble.

Burglary.  A common third-degree charge in Hunterdon County is burglary. Although the public believes there is much to this offense, all the law requires is an unauthorized entry to a structure for the purpose of committing a crime. Theft is not a necessary part of a burglary. The accused could have entered for some other purpose, for example, to deface property.

Robbery. This is the most grave of the theft offenses. When a person commits theft by force or threat without a weapon, it results in second-degree robbery.  First-degree robbery is the charge where someone uses a weapon or attempts to cause serious injury to another person. This is a violent crime, falling under the No Early Release Act at both degrees.

Credit Card Theft. This charge arises where the item is a credit card. It is also a violation if someone uses a credit card knowing that it is not his or hers or that it was improperly issued, or if the card has been knowingly altered.

Theft of Movable Property (Unlawful Taking). This charge is often employed as a catchall theft offense. It is triggered when a person takes property or money from someone without authority with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of its benefit.

Passing Bad Checks. Someone commits a bad check offense if they knowingly pass off a check that they know will not be honored. The bad check legislation in NJ carries a presumption of knowledge that the check would bounce if:

  1. the account from which it was written is closed; or
  2. where the writer of the check neglects to cover it within 10 days of notice that it bounced.

Identity Theft. This theft is much more serious than you may think. Identity theft is often charged a second-degree crime. Someone commits identity theft if they impersonate another person, pretend to be a representative of a company, individual or organization or use the personal identification information of another individual. Identity theft trafficking happens when someone distributes or sells the personal information of third parties.

Skilled Attorneys Successfully Defend Your Theft Charge

The team of lawyers at Spodek Law Group have been battling theft and fraud charges with numerous successes. Our attorneys are knowledgeable advocates who are committed to each. If you got charged with shoplifting, identity theft, burglary or another violation anywhere in Hunterdon County, and would like to learn how we can assist you, call us today!