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Morris County Theft Defense Attorneys

December 19, 2023

Morris County Theft Defense Attorneys

Being charged with theft or shoplifting in Morris County can be an overwhelming and scary situation. As a local Morris County defense lawyer focusing on theft charges, I understand how confusing navigating the legal system can be when facing criminal allegations. I’m here to help provide straight-forward information and legal guidance if you or a loved one is dealing with a Morris County theft charge.

Common Theft and Shoplifting Charges in Morris County

There are a variety of theft crimes one can be charged with in Morris County. Some of the most common include:

  • Shoplifting – taking merchandise from a store without paying. Can range from petty theft to felony grand theft charges depending on value of items taken.
  • Employee Theft – when an employee steals money, items, or merchandise from their workplace.
  • Burglary – illegally entering a building to commit theft inside.
  • Robbery – using force or threats to steal money/property from a person.
  • Identity Theft – stealing someone’s personal information to obtain credit or make purchases.
  • Auto Theft – stealing a motor vehicle.

The exact theft statute you are charged under will depend on the details and circumstances of your specific case. As your criminal defense lawyer, my job is to analyze the accusations against you and build the strongest defense to fight the charges.

Penalties for Morris County Theft Charges

Like most crimes in New Jersey, the penalties for theft or shoplifting depend heavily on the degree of offense you are charged with. Some factors that impact the seriousness include:

  • Value of items allegedly stolen – the higher the value, the more serious the charge
  • Criminal history – repeat offenders face stiffer penalties
  • Type of property – for example, stealing a vehicle may be worse than shoplifting goods
  • Use of force or weapons – such as in a robbery case

Potential penalties can include fines, probation, community service, restitution payments to the victim, all the way up to lengthy jail sentences for serious felony charges.

As an experienced local theft defense lawyer, my #1 focus is keeping you out of jail and fighting to get charges reduced or dismissed through effective legal defenses.

Common Defenses for Morris County Theft Charges

Simply being accused of theft does not make you guilty. There are often strong defenses we can use to fight shoplifting, burglary, and other theft allegations, such as:

  • Lack of criminal intent – in order to be found guilty, prosecutors must prove you intended to deprive the owner of their property. For example, forgetting to pay for an item or misunderstanding may negate intent.
  • Incorrect value – getting the store to reduce the reported value of items can help reduce charges.
  • Unlawful search – arguing your civil rights were violated by an illegal store search.
  • Misidentification – police may have wrong person and arrested the wrong suspect.
  • False accusations – we can argue charges fabricated for ulterior motive.

As a former Morris County prosecutor, I have insider knowledge of the system and how police and prosecutors work. I know first-hand how to pick apart their evidence and show legal holes in their case. My #1 goal is putting this experience to work defending YOU.

Why Hire a Local Morris County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you or someone you love is facing theft allegations, having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side is critical. As your legal counsel, I provide:

  • Aggressive Defense in Court – My #1 goal is getting charges reduced or dismissed without a conviction. I’ve helped hundreds of clients fight back against theft charges through motions to suppress evidence, poking holes in the prosecutor’s case, negotiating with judges for better outcomes, and taking cases to trial when needed.
  • Guidance on What to Expect – I educate clients on how the Morris County court systems works, what to expect at each step, and make sure you understand all your options. Too often people feel lost in the legal process – I’m here to guide you through.
  • Support During Difficult Time – I understand being accused of theft feels scary and overwhelming. As your lawyer, I’m on your team every step and making sure your rights protected. My support helps reduce anxiety during this difficult experience.
  • Affordable Legal Help – Hiring a private criminal lawyer is a big investment. I work with clients to provide payment plans when needed. Getting quality legal help is crucial and I aim to make it financially feasible.

If you or someone you care about is facing theft charges in Morris County, get in touch today for a free consultation. I’m here to help with strong legal defense.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morris County Theft Charges

What should I do if detained for shoplifting/theft?

If store security or police detain you for alleged shoplifting, stay calm and avoid admitting guilt or giving statements. Politely ask if you are free to leave or under arrest. If arrested, request an attorney immediately before answering questions. Provide only basic personal details until your lawyer arrives.

How serious are employee theft charges in New Jersey?

Under NJ theft statutes, stealing from your employer can potentially lead to felony grand theft charges depending on amount and circumstances. As white collar defense attorneys, we help executives, managers and employees fight back when accused of embezzlement, expense report fraud or other financial theft crimes in the workplace. There are often legal defenses we can raise to get charges reduced or dismissed.

What factors make theft charges more serious?

In general, the higher the value of property allegedly stolen, the more aggressive prosecutors get with harsh charges. Repeat offender status also leads to worse penalties. And using force/weapons during a theft (such as robbery) elevates the seriousness significantly. The best theft defense law firms know how to dispute exaggerated loss valuations and highlight mitigating factors to reduce charges.

Can I go to jail for shoplifting in New Jersey?

Yes, it is possible to serve jail time even for petty shoplifting charges in NJ. Much depends on your prior record, value of merchandise allegedly stolen and specific court jurisdiction. Our shoplifting defense lawyers have helped hundreds of clients avoid incarceration through getting charges downgraded to civil offenses, entering diversion programs, and alternative sentencing options when appropriate.

What should I do if falsely accused of theft?

First – remain calm. Do not try to argue or prove your innocence to store security or police. Simply state you wish to speak to an attorney before answering questions. Gather names/numbers of any witnesses who can corroborate your version of events. An alibi will be crucial for establishing where you were at time of alleged incident. Contacting experienced criminal defense counsel quickly is key to building your defense against false allegations.

Being detained or going through police booking for theft feels embarrassing and overwhelming. But know millions face shoplifting and theft accusations every year – you’re not alone. An experienced Morris County criminal lawyer can help defend your rights, reputation and freedom. Contact my firm today for trusted legal guidance during this difficult time.


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I hope this overview of theft defense attorneys in Morris County has been helpful. Dealing with criminal charges is overwhelming – but you don’t have to go through it alone. As an experienced local lawyer, I’m here to fight on your behalf, provide guidance on what to expect, and give you the strong legal defense you deserve. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a free consultation.

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