New Jersey Federal Government Investigations Defense Lawyers

Posted By user, Uncategorized On November 6, 2020

If there is one thing most people never expect to have happen to them over the course of their lifetime, it is being the subject of a federal government investigation. However, that nightmare comes true for people almost every day. When it does, most people of course feel nervous and confused, wondering why they are being investigated and what if any charges will be brought against them. While it is easy to panic in these situations and immediately begin speaking to investigators, this is the worst thing you can do. Instead, you should always remain calm, use common sense and good judgement, and contact attorneys from the Spodek Law Group who have years of experience handling these complex cases.

FBI Investigations
When federal government investigations take place, the FBI is often the agency in charge of the investigation. Responsible for investigating everything from acts of terrorism to white-collar crimes, public corruption, and violent crimes, the FBI looking your way can be very intimidating. However, just because you are under investigation does not mean federal agents will be crashing through your door and placing you under arrest. In fact, they may not have much if any evidence at all against you when the investigation begins. Because of this, they may try to trick you into speaking with them, hoping you will be confused enough to provide details they can use against you. Instead of making this mistake and placing yourself in unnecessary legal peril, let us at the Spodek Law Group take charge of your case.

Notification of a Federal Investigation
As to how you will know you are the subject of a federal investigation, this can take several forms. For example, the most common way is when federal agents visit your home or workplace, asking to speak with you. In other situations, you may receive a subpoena or a letter from a U.S. Attorney’s Office. Yet no matter how you find out about the investigation, never feel pressured to immediately respond and start talking to investigators. After all, you do have constitutional rights that protect you when involved in such investigations, and you should use these rights to the fullest by contacting us here at the Spodek Law Group to discuss your case in greater detail.

Unplanned Encounters
Many times when the FBI or other agencies place individuals under federal investigation, they try to create so-called “unplanned encounters” so investigators can speak to you when you are not prepared and when your attorney would not be with you at the time. Should you find yourself in such situations, never give in to investigators who are implying you are hiding something if you don’t talk to them. Again, remember you have the right to refuse to say anything to them until you have your attorney present for any questioning they may want to conduct. Therefore, politely decline their offer and immediately contact the Spodek Law Group.

Search Warrants
In many federal investigations, a search warrant will be used by government investigators to gather evidence from your home, office, or elsewhere. When these warrants are being executed, investigators at the scene will again try to get you to start talking to them. If you do and happen to say something that is misleading or inaccurate, they may try to charge you with obstruction of justice by saying you deliberately lied to federal investigators. Since most of these warrants are served in the early-morning hours when you are still asleep or have only been awake for a short period of time, investigators will hope you are not thinking clearly and will thus speak to them before giving it more careful thought. Instead of making this critical mistake, decline to answer any questions until you have spoken to your lawyer at the Spodek Law Group.

What You Should Do
Along with declining to speak with investigators until you have conferred with your attorney or can have your lawyer present during questioning, you should also request a search warrant return from investigators. The return, which is a document showing all items federal investigators seized from you when executing their warrant, can be a critical part of your case. Since some items seized may have been done so illegally even with a warrant, meet with your attorney to give them this document and let them advise you on how to proceed.

Take Your Attorney’s Advice
Most of all when you are under federal investigation in New Jersey, always take your attorney’s advice each step of the way. By doing so, you can avoid critical mistakes that could lead to a conviction that should never happen. Should you find out you are under federal investigation by the FBI or other agencies, never hesitate to contact the Spodek Law Group to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation.