New Jersey Lawyers for urgent care centers

Posted By Aaron Denton, Uncategorized On August 30, 2020


Protecting Legal Interests with New Jersey Urgent Care Center Lawyers

New Jersey urgent care centers can face a variety of legal issues, some of which are highly unique to the industry in which they operate. Consequently, the need does exist for uniquely qualified New Jersey urgent care center attorneys. There are a number of areas in which these legal professionals can be particularly helpful to these types of centers.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance represents a key area in which a New Jersey urgent care lawyer can be of vital assistance. Remaining a compliant operation is a task that never ends for a New Jersey urgent care center.

A center must address a multitude of federal and state mandates when it comes to its operations. In addition, depending on where a center is located, there will also be a unique set of local ordinances that require consistent compliance as well.

Regulatory Complaints

Unfortunately, no matter how diligent an urgent care center, complaints occur. Oftentimes, these complaints are made to a regulatory agency.

Successfully navigating these complaints virtually demands the professional assistance of a skilled, experienced New Jersey urgent care center attorney. The stark reality is that a negative resolution of a regulatory complaint can be very costly to a center. In the best case scenario, an urgent care center is likely to face a fairly hefty financial penalty. In the worst case scenario, an unfavorable regulatory determination can ultimately result in the shuttering of an urgent care center.

In addition, in this digital age, when social media is king, a regulatory complaint can take on a very damaging life of its own in cyberspace. This is another 21st century reality that underscores the need for an experienced New Jersey urgent care center attorney capable of getting his or her arms around the totality of a situation associated with a regulatory complaint.

Negligence or Malpractice Case

A common concern that an urgent care center shares universally with healthcare providers is that surrounding negligence or malpractice cases. Malpractice is costly business in New Jersey and across the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars is spent on matters related to medical malpractice annually in the country.

Negligence and medical malpractice represents another are in which legal assistance is crucial for the wellbeing of a New Jersey urgent care center. The amount of money that can be at stake, even with some coverage from a professional liability insurance carrier, can be significant.

Allegations Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance Fraud

Another area in which a New Jersey urgent care center needs to be vigilant pertains to allegations of Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance fraud. The sad reality is that even a center operating in a completely lawful manner can be the subject of a fraud investigation.

There exists what is known as a qui tam provision in federal law that permits private citizens the legal ability to initiate a fraud action against a healthcare provider, like an urgent care center. Although there are instances in which whistleblowers appropriately bring these actions against wrongdoers, there sadly is a sizable number of improperly initiated qui tam actions initiated each year. These are initiated by disgruntled former employees, competitors, or others with an axe to grind.

Merely because an allegation is unfounded, and brought against an urgent care center for nefarious reasons, the case must still be defended aggressively. It is not likely to go away merely because it lacks merit. An urgent care center needs an experienced, tenacious attorney to ensure that a wrongfully initiated fraud case is shut down as quickly as possible.

Legal representation is also vital if there is at least some merit to an allegation about billing irregularities. Another reality is that a billing issue may have been caused by negligence, rather than an intentional act to obtain funds by deception. A skilled attorney can present an effective case centering on the actual intent of those alleged to have been involved in a scheme to defraud a federal program, or a private health insurer.

Early intervention in this type of investigation and legal action by a New Jersey urgent care center attorney typically enhances the odds that a favorable resolution will be reached sooner, rather than later. The negative ramifications of a fraud inquiry or action are minimized significantly through early legal intervention.