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New Jersey OIG Agent Warnings and Federal Employees Lawyers

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Understanding the Roles of Federal Employees under the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Investigation

Federal employees refer to individuals working in different capacities for the federal government, including members of the armed forces, politicians, legislative staff, and civil servants. These federal employees may be subjected to an OIG investigation due to any alleged misconduct or violation of laws and regulations during their tenure as public officials.

If you find yourself under investigation as a federal employee by an IOG agent in your workplace, there are two possible outcomes. Firstly, you might face criminal charges associated with your misconduct or violation allegations. Secondly, administrative action could be taken against you concerning your job or position within the government institution under investigation.

The Role of IOG Warnings during Investigations

IOG agents provide federal employees with two warning types – the Garrity warning and Kalkines warning – when called for an interview after undergoing investigation procedures.

Garrity Warning

The Garrity warning is named after Garrity V. New Jersey Supreme Court case that provided guidelines on how interrogations should be conducted on police officers concerning internal investigations. The Garrity has been adapted into several versions that reflect varying requirements among different organizations or departments.
One aspect requires that all questions asked during interviews be answered truthfully by providing every information requested by investigators. If you fail to answer any inquiries, disciplinary action will follow. However, according to Garrity v. New Jersey Supreme Court case law, your statements cannot be used against you in a criminal proceeding.

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Avoid discussing investigations with anyone other than your attorney or the chain of command, failure to follow this order might lead to act of insubordination and eventual termination of employment.

The other aspect is voluntary disclosure during an interview if you choose not to answer any question that could implicate you in a crime. Not answering such questions does not attract any disciplinary action against you. However, your silence might count as evidence in administrative proceedings on the matter under investigation.

Kalkines Warning

The Kalkines warning gives federal employees advice on their rights concerning internal investigations. This specific warning entails making statements during the investigation or facing disciplinary action, including dismissal from work.
During the IOG administrative investigation period, the IOG agent interviews the parties involved about their official duties, avoid answering unless necessary because it may be used against them. Failure to provide satisfactory answers may lead to immediate dismissal from work.

However, information or statements gathered during an administrative investigation may not be admissible as evidence in criminal proceedings unless there were lies in the initial testimony provided by a particular individual.

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Federal Employees’ Garrity & Kalkines Warnings during OIG Investigations

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As a federal government employee, whether member of armed forces or civilian public servant, may face Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigation due to alleged misconduct while discharging their official duties. During the investigation period, IOG investigator calls later requesting an interview. The agent will provide two types of warnings – Garrity warning and Kalkines warning – dictating what a federal employee should expect during the interrogation.

Garrity Warning

Garrity is primarily recognized in police department work made famous by Garrity v. New Jersey Supreme Court case. The warning’s different versions mandate that all interview questions be answered truthfully and relevantly. Failure to answer attract disciplinary action that could result in dismissal; you need to avoid it at all costs.
The answers given during the interrogation cannot be used against you in a criminal proceeding as it violates constitutional (Fifth Amendment) rights to self-incrimination. It is essential to keep confidential details regarding the investigation known only to the attorney appointed to help resolve such issues.

In some cases, there is a voluntary provision avenue where an individual can offer additional information while avoiding providing any sensitive documents or data without clearance from either their lawyers or the chain command.

Kalkines Warning

Kalkines warning provisions are available when referred for administrative adjudication following OIG investigations. If not issued with Kalkines warning and fail to present before IOG agents, may face potential termination.

During interviews conducted by IOG agents, you must give accurate responses relating to your job duties and responsibilities concerning alleged misconduct under review. You may suffer significant consequences for failing this standard or appearing uncooperative.

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However, information divulged within an administrative investigation yielded no fruit(s), but previous statements provided contrary might put Federal employees constituting zero admissible subject matter evidence in court hearings during a criminal proceeding.

In conclusion, irrespective of which type of OIG warning – Garrity or Kalkines – presented during an interrogation phase following OIG investigations, our law firm assures clients quality legal counsel for successful problem resolving across diverse formal government channels whether fighting for their right or highlighting their preferred outcome that eventually culminates to positive results.


In this article, the focus has been on the different warnings issued to federal employees during OIG investigations. Federal employees are subjected to internal investigations by OIG agents when they violate laws or engage in misconduct while discharging their official duties.
Two types of warnings – Garrity and Kalkines – are communicated to federal employees depending on the nature and scope of their involvement in misconduct. The warnings provide guidelines on how to answer questions accurately and truthfully while avoiding behaving uncooperatively or hide crucial information that may lead to further complications.
Spodek Law Group is committed to helping clients resolve legal issues by providing quality legal counsel at affordable rates. Get in touch today for risk-free consultations with our experienced lawyers!

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