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New Jersey Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

New Jersey Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Facing sex crime charges in New Jersey is no less than a nightmare. If you are convicted or plead guilty, the consequences can be devastating. From the public stigma to life-long community supervision and even potential jail time, being charged with a sex offense is an especially serious allegation.

However, not all hope is lost. Hiring an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer can improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome for your case. At Spodek Law Group, we provide undivided attention and legal support to individuals facing these types of allegations.

New Jersey Sex Crime Cases Our Law Firm Can Handle
Our team has been representing clients charged with sex crimes in New Jersey for years. We have vast experience handling various cases involving:


Lewdness refers to the offender’s conduct that aims at arousing his/her sexual desires. These behaviors include any act that would expose genitals to other people.

Indecent Exposure Charges

One may face indecent exposure charges if they expose their private parts, intending to provoke another or cause alarm.

Distributing of Child Pornography

This charge involves spreading child pornography via the internet, phones, video tapes or DVDs.


This charge involves selling or buying sex in exchange for payment.

Luring, Enticing, Solicitation

Luring, solicitation and enticing refer to methods used by the perpetrator to lure his/her victim into committing a sexual act with them by using various manipulation tactics whether it may be gifts promises etcetera

Possession of Child Pornography

Possession of child pornography includes having pornographic material that contains children under 18 years old engaging in any sexual acts.

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Endangering the Welfare of a Child

This refers to any carelessness, recklessness or negligence that would put a child in danger or harm’s way. Endangerment may also extend to other areas like education, nutrition and so on.

Criminal Sexual Contact

This is defined as purposely touching the victim’s intimate parts for sexual gratification without his/her consent.

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact

This charge carries more penalties than criminal sexual contact, and it involves committing criminal sexual contact with another person in specific scenarios which includes forceful acts against victims.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Engaging with another person in any sexual act where one party does not consent is considered aggravated sexual assault.

Sexual Assault (Rape) and Statutory Rape

These offenses entail non-consensual sex that goes against the will of the victim. Statutory rape, on the other hand involves having sex with partners under the age limit allowed by the law.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

If you fail to register yourself within fifteen days of coming into town, you are required by N.J. law to inform your local police station where you are living so that higher authorities can keep tabs on your status.

Possible Penalties for a Sex Crime Conviction in New Jersey

If found guilty of violating New Jersey sex crime laws, here are some of the potential consequences:

Possible Jail Time

As outlined by the Legislature and included in NJSA 2C:14-2 et seq.,;

  • A first-degree offense carries 10-20 years in prison and a fine of up to $200,000.
  • A second-degree offense carries 5-10 years in prison a fine of up to $150,000.
  • A third-degree offense carries 3-5 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000.


Besides incarceration, the convicted person may be subject to probationary terms. Failure to heed these terms may lead to more severe penalties.

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Fines of varying levels ranging from $1,000 for disorderly persons offenses to as much as $200k can be imposed on persons found guilty.
Certain statutory offenses have specific punishment written into the legislation. One such law is N.J.S.A. 2C:7-2 which requires State of New Jersey registration as a sex offender.

New Jersey State Sex Offender Registration
If convicted or pleading guilty to a sex offense, one must register with the police under Megan’s Law. Individuals who were convicted on any one of these charges have to report at their local Police station:

  • Tier I is for low-risk offenders. These persons only notify relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • Tier II is for moderate-risk offenders. They must notify schools, licensed daycare centers, summer camps registered community organizations and other places where these potential risk offenders Could possibly come into contact with.
  • Tier III is for high-risk offenders. These offenders are legally obligated to notify law enforcement agencies and other organizations where minors might come into contact with them like schools or pediatric hospitals.

Should you fall entirely in Tier I category, you are mandated by state laws to disclose your status only to relevant authorities (i.e., an FBI list.). You may appeal the magistrate’s decision rating you as either Tier I, Tier II or Tier III – if you believe that it was unfair or unwarranted.

How Can an Alleged Victim Claim Lack of Consent in a N.J. Sex Crime Case?

Since most sex crime accusations turn out to be one person’s word against the other, the issue of consent always comes into question.

The court recognizes certain situations where an individual could not provide legal consent for a sex act. These include but are not limited to:

  • Persons with mental disease or defect that renders them incapable of comprehending the nature of the sexual conduct
  • Persons who were unconscious at the time of engagement in a sex act.
  • Persons who have developmental disabilities which can affect their ability to understand others activities towards them.
  • The individuals under 14 years old as they‚Äôre legally minors and cannot provide social consent under NJ law.
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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

If you’re facing sex crimes allegations in New Jersey, it is imperative to get help as soon as possible from experienced defense attorneys at Spodek Law Group. It is critical that you safeguard your rights and well-being and mount a robust defense as fast as possible.

From our nine convenient locations throughout New Jersey, we offer free initial consultations to all new clients. We assure you of utmost confidentiality and a personalized approach to help defend your case under any circumstances.

Regardless of how strong and incriminating seems like the prosecutor’s case against you might be or even admission by prosecution witnesses themselves we believe that everyone deserves proper legal representation.

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Anytime you are arrested for any criminal sexual offense anywhere within the New Jersey state boundaries, call Spodek Law Group immediately for skilled representation. Contact us today for a free consultation on issues relating to sexual abuse cases or any criminal matter happening across all parts across New Jersey at our office nearest to your location!

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