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New Jersey Violent Crimes Defense Attorneys

Protect Your Rights with Spodek Law Group, Experienced Defense Attorneys for New Jersey Violent Crimes

When you are facing legal charges for violent crimes, you must choose a professional and experienced criminal defense team to defend you. In New Jersey, the penalties for such crimes could range from expensive fines and long-term imprisonment to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. However, you have constitutional rights that grant you the right to robust legal defense from highly skilled attorneys, such as Spodek Law Group.

At Spodek Law Group, our criminal defense team comprises former public defenders and New Jersey prosecutors with extensive experience in county and municipal courts throughout New Jersey. We understand the complex nature of the legal system involved in handling violent crime cases. Our years of experience handling these lawsuits have established our reputation as reliable and strategic defense attorneys who provide customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Fighting for Your Freedom
We will fight aggressively to protect your constitutional rights when facing violent crime charges. Our primary objective is always a -case scenario where your name does not get listed among convicted felons; we strive for case dismissals, acquittals or reduced sentencing.

If you need bail during trial preparation, our lawyers can negotiate on your behalf to secure a lower bail amount so that it is easier to post bail money. We will scrutinize any presented evidence against our clients’ charges via an independent investigation that aims at disputing questionable evidence presented by the prosecution‚Äôs case aggressively.

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Our trained investigators will dig deep by looking out for flaws or acts of misconduct in the prosecution’s framework which relates motive/intent but alternately has not been rightfully proven like wrongful arrest tactics made use of by arresting officers on scene mistakenly identifying witnesses leading them astray intentionally misleading conclusions forged by false forensic testing abilities prejudice/hatred-based profiling coerced witness testimony and more aiding in disproving baseless allegations levelled against you.

Types of Violent Crime Cases We Handle
Our defense team has handled a wide array of violent crime cases, including assault crimes like harassment, stalking offenses, aggravated assault, simple assault, domestic violence restraining order violations amongst others which may have appeared pretty harmless at the time of occurrence but now having been escalated to serious criminal charges.

Potential Defenses to Violent Crime Charges
We cannot emphasize enough that for this kind of allegation against you, time is of the essence. Our attorneys will move swiftly to guarantee your representation starts immediately after notifying us of your situation. Potential defenses apply to violent crime charges and self-defense moves against an attack passionate hurtful reactions without intent impairment issues which inhibits proper judgment or influence and mental illness during the charge’s alleged period are some probable grounds on which we can defend you effectively.

Possible Penalties for Violent Crime Convictions in New Jersey
The punishments meted out in revulsion to those convicted of violent crimes residing in New Jersey vary widely as dictated by relevant factors like case circumstances and intensity levels. For instance, a first-degree offense carries up to twenty years imprisonment plus $200k fines while second-degree convictions invite jail terms ranging five to ten years coupled with a maximum fine capped at $150k.

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A third-degree verdict attracts confinement rights lasting between three to five years with possible fines delineated at no more than $15k. Fourth degree punishment requires Paying fines up to a limit of $10k combined with serving imprisonment times not exceeding eighteen months. Lesser case scenarios fall under disorderly persons’ litigations where slighter penalties are issued but with severe implications hovering around your lifestyle trajectory.

Spodek Law Group: Experienced Defense Attorneys for Your Violent Crimes Court Case

At Spodek Law Group Justice is our forte; daring advocate’s stance is what you get once we take on any case involving serious accusations levied against an individual or persons representing their interest on such heavy criminal allegations.

Why Choose Spodek Law Group?
It’s crucial, considering how your life will take a turn in the wake of allegations and convictions; you always need to be mindful of who stands by you come good or bad. Here are some reasons why we are worth your trust to capably serve as your defense team:

Experience: We have over 50 years cumulative experience garnered through handling countless violent crime cases;
Expertise: Our expert attorneys possess an intricate understanding of law coupled with practical skills achieved via their collective years of practice;
Aggressive Approach: We approach cases set before us with unrivaled tenacity and boldness; confident that we can overturn negative outcomes whenever they occur;
Professionalism: It features every time when we represent clients it permeates through different aspects of our dealings ensuring clarity, honesty, and timely communication all thru proceedings. Our esteemed legal practitioners would make nothing less except a gallery-styled representation fit for people respected by society.
Compassion: We understand the psychological pain caused by protracted legal battles triggered by criminal charges which is why our attorneys will offer you the right type and amount of support to scale through.
Accessibility: Accessible 24/7 to cater for any concerns nor answer pressing questions clients may want answers to at any stage
Result-Driven Claims: Since incorporation, we boast highly rated track records achieved through rendering qualitative services leading to positive results like case dismissal, acquittals among reduced serving sentence penalties

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