New Jersey What Not To Do If You Are Under Federal Investigation Lawyers

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In one way or another, you might be caught up in a crime, framed, or a case of mistaken identity. It doesn’t mean that that’s the end of the road for you. Criminal cases are solvable, and you only need to dial that number of your trusted lawyers, or the state can provide a qualified attorney to represent you if your finances are daunting. Once you receive a “target letter,” you are called for questioning, and you must go prepared. The following is what you should never do.


1. Never destroy or delete anything


I don’t care whether you are a criminal, but don’t get in the way of any investigations. Live everything the way they are without trying to compromise the pieces of evidence. Acting smart will only land you into a furnace, thinking you’re playing safe. It is a serious federal crime to tamper with evidence. You will end up being sentenced to nothing less than 25 years of jail term.


Imagine you convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, denied the chance to see your family for a long time. The reality should slap you on the face and ensure that you allow the Spodek Law group to walk hand in hand with you if you are under federal investigations. Our lawyers have been in the game for many years. You will be assured that you’ll walk out as free as a bird, and you don’t have to get rid of any evidence at hand.


2. Do not take any pleas


It’s very easy for officers to cause you to panic when called for questioning. You may end up pleading guilty. It is always advisable to plea innocent until you’re proven otherwise. Pleading guilty will narrow the chances for you to be tried in a court of law. However, you will go to prison right away, and you will never have a chance to clear your name just in case you were innocent. You must book an appointment with the Spodek Law Group in New Jersey if you find yourself facing Federal Investigations before things go southwards. Make it a habit of arming yourself with a lawyer in case of anything. Your attorney will save you a great deal.


3. Do not lie to a Federal Investigator


Here at Spodek Law Group, we have had 40years of experience. There are no new criminal justice cases we haven’t dealt with from clients all over New Jersey. We are better positioned to advise you or a family member to take caution of lying to a Federal Prosecutor. Generally, lying is considered a basic moral wrong. It is also a social wrong to lie whether you’ve sworn under oath or telling it to the Federal Investigator. Once you’re found guilty of lying to a Federal Prosecutor, you will be guilty as charged.


The repercussions can be costly and even end up in a confirmatory. Anyway, do not worry at all. Engage with New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys and take you through all the details about Law cases you need to know. Therefore, knowledge is power and takes advantage of our offices located just within the city and can also offer virtual meetings.


4. Do not say anything about the situation


When facing Federal investigations, you are banned from talking to friends or family members about it. It can be frustrating appearing before a bunch of people you’ve never seen. It can also be a nerve-wracking ordeal when you even have them searching for your house or company. Despite the worries and pressures, you are supposed to remain calm until the investigations are done.


In this computer generation, one may post it online to update friends and followers. Avoid such behaviors like the plague. Authorities may decide to question the people you are interacting with. Remember, communications you hold with friends and loved ones are not legally protected. Therefore, even in subpoenas, investigators will track them down and force them to give their statements. Avoid this malice immensely.


5. Do not forget your rights


Hiring an attorney at New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers will take you through a step by step guidance. Please do not feel overwhelmed when prosecutors show up in your home or office and become naive to allow them to carry on with their search. Federal officers are bound by law, which means every time they appear before you, they should show evidence of a search warrant unless there is a command that they are exempted. By this, nobody is also asking you to be aggressive with them. Demand for your rights, the constitutional way.




Suppose you are facing criminal charges, whether misdemeanor or felony,
your world doesn’t have to crumble down. Visit Spodek Law Group in our offices located in New Jersey, and we are prepared to defend all your cases. Get a free consultation from us as we explore different financial options available. Do not put your life in the hands of a lawyer who hasn’t specialized in criminal Defence.


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