New Jersey White Collar Criminal Investigations Lawyers

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Probably you have heard about white-collar crime or white-collar criminal defense lawyers. Such tags do appear in the movies, news, and newspapers. The common question you could be asking yourself frequently whenever you hear it is, “What are is it and how do the lawyers work”.


Understanding the concept revolving around white


Collar crime will help you understand how to go about one should you become a victim or a defendant. If you are a career person, you can also consider pursuing it to grow career-wise. Also, there are many white-collar firms that you could probably want to know how they operate.


Reading this article will give you the right information about white-collar crime, white-collar lawyers, and other things allied to it. Read on to understand what it entails.


What is White Collar Crime?


You could probably assume that white-collar crime is similar to other forms of crime that involve violence and other offensive acts. However, that’s not the case. It’s commonly known as non -violent offense that is commonly committed by governments or larger entities.


According to the history books, in 1939, white-collar crime was first described as an illegal act committed by an individual. At the time of the crime, the individuals are probably professionals mostly working for a business or a larger corporation.


Is it the same with Blue Collar Crime?


Precisely, white-collar crime is different from a blue-collar crime. White-collar crime is mostly committed by people of the high social class in society. Blue-collar crime, on the other hand, refers to crimes committed by people of lower social status. The uniqueness of White-collar crime is that it can’t be detected easily by law enforcement authorities. However, blue-collar crime can be detected by law enforcement authorities.


Types of Crimes white-collar Defense lawyers can defend you from

There are various forms of white-collar crimes, but the following are the most common ones;

1. Embezzlement


Embezzlement and theft are somehow the same. It refers to when a company or a government entrusts an individual with money. Later the individual decides to use the money for his/her purposes and not the purpose intended.


An instance is when a company entrusts its manager with funds, and he/she instead decides to channel the money to the personal account instead of fulfilling the goal the money was meant for. In such a scenario, the crime is termed as a white-collar crime.


2. Bankruptcy Fraud


When an individual realizes that they have reached a point of their life that they cannot pay off their expenses, they can decide to file for bankruptcy. However, in the process, the individual can decide to hide the property subject to the creditor’s claim. The act itself is a White-collar crime.


3. Falsification of financial fraud


According to criminal investigation entities such as the FBI, altering financial information is common in most large corporations and parastatals. This happens after the employees entrusted with the money have squandered the money they are entrusted with. The act is also categorized as a white-collar offense.


Above are the examples of the white-collar crimes you can avoid whenever you want to be on the safer side of the laws. It is good for you to understand them well.


Who are White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers?


White-collar criminal defense lawyers work by coming together with other lawyers to defend their clients. They mostly defend their clients through investigation.


Most of their clients are larger corporations, organizations, and other big entities. To successfully develop viable solutions that will help their clients, the lawyers should be knowledgeable about how their clients operate.


Precisely, the lawyers’ main aim is to guide their clients on developing solutions that will enable them to operate according to what the law dictates.


Qualities to look for in a White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer


You never know when you will commit a white-collar crime. You can either be in it directly or indirectly, but the fact remains you need to find a good attorney to represent you. Here are some tips you can consider;


The level of experience-Considering the complexity of white-collar crimes requires choosing a law firm with lawyers who will understand how to manage the case.


The attorney should be open to consultations-Before you choose your lawyer, you may decide to acquaint yourself with the relevant information on how to go about the case. However, the internet may have a lot of information that may not understand. That is why you need to have an attorney who will be open to questions.


Choose a specialized firm-Choosing, a firm specializing mainly in white-collar crimes, will give you access to the right information because dealing with a general law firm might not be the right option.




The above information should make you understand how to go about white-collar cases should you fall victim. It also enlightens you on the kind of white-collar crimes you should avoid. You can check here to understand better.