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Since the “War on Drugs” launched in the 1980s, law enforcement has gone overboard to stop the problem. Now they target not only large-level drug dealers but also low-level offenders and addicts. This does not help prevent violent crime, but often increases the amount of crime we experience.


Drug crimes imprison more people in the country than any other criminal offense. That holds true here in New Jersey, too, where the number of persons incarcerated for drug crimes is higher than elsewhere in the country. No violence involved in the crime at all; drug crimes.


Updated laws make it possible for a person to spend many years in prison if they make a single mistake. No one in this world is perfect. They should not pay for every mistake they make in life, especially if the crime does not involve violence to another person. Court case outcomes often prove unfair and unjust, yet media makes little to no mention of the fundamental injustices known as the War on Drugs.


The aggressive policing tactics, harsh penalties, and the one-sided power against drug crimes simply terrify most people who find themselves in this situation. Of course, if history tells us anything, these people have plenty of reason to be afraid.


Even people with small amounts of a drug in their possession are subject to the harsh realities of a drug crime in America. Even people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time learn that drug crimes in America are harsh and overbearing.


Prosecution teams for the state work diligently against criminals facing drug crimes. They want the harshest possible sentences for the cases, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the case. But, despite all this, people who hire criminal defense lawyers stand a chance of victory when charged with a drug crime.


How New Jersey Drug Possession Prosecution Works


Police find most drugs through routine traffic stops. Since police know this method often produces drugs if they stop enough vehicles, even if it is a small amount of a drug or even paraphernalia, they increase the number of traffic stops made during a regular day or week with hopes of prosecuting a few more people.


Police sometimes conduct undercover investigations that lead to drug arrests. They might follow people that leave the home that is being investigated. Other drug crime charges come when people call police officers out for their safety and the police discover drugs at the scene.


Police often fail to follow proper protocol during searches. Thus, evidence that officers collect may be inadmissible in court. With the right team of legal experts, understanding the evidence can help win your case.


After police turn over the case to the DA’s office, expect an aggressive prosecution team. They want you behind bars for as long as possible. Our drug defense attorneys often negotiate a dismissal of charges before they make it to court. Can we do the same in your drug case?


Federal Drug Possession in New Jersey


Most drug arrests occur at the state level. However, some drug crimes may be federal offenses. Most drug crimes charged at the federal level are high-level suppliers, however, any case may be handled under federal authority if:


– Drugs were found as part of a federal investigation


– Drugs are transported through the mail


– Drugs found on federal property


– A federal office makes the drug crime arrest


Federal drug crimes are serious. Our law firm has aggressive lawyers ready to tackle your federal drug crime case. If you believe that you are under investigation or have already been charged with a drug crime, contact our federal drug defense attorneys. We can help protect your rights during this difficult time.


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