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Burglary: The Serious Crime and Its Associated Consequences in New Jersey

Burglary is one crime whose gravity cannot be overlooked in New Jersey. It attracts stringent penalties such as extended jail time, fines, and probation, which can ultimately lead to life-changing consequences for the accused individuals. Hence, if you are facing burglary accusations within Atlantic City, Egg Harbor City, Buena Vista or any other locality within Atlantic County, it is imperative to seek the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys such as those from Todd Spodek Law Group. Our team comprises highly skilled attorneys who have earned a reputation for exceptional service through their pragmatic handling of several burglary charges recently.

Understanding What Burglary Entails

A person is considered guilty of burglary in New Jersey when they unlawfully enter any structure- dwelling houses or commercial buildings- with the intent to commit an offense inside. A conviction for burglary occurs even when no crime was committed therein but only where there exists proof of intention to commit the offense. An individual can also be charged with burglary for staying within the premises or building without a license or privilege, knowing full well that they have no legal right to do so.

Burglary Penalties and Their Implications

The severity of penalties increases when an individual commits various offences while carrying out a break-in operation or during immediate flight after committing the offence. In such cases related directly to causing bodily injury to another person by forceful entry into buildings marked as second-degree crimes since it attracts more severe punishment- up ten years’ imprisonment.

These penalties could negatively impact an individual’s entire life by leading to severed relationships with loved ones, loss of employment opportunities amongst other many possible dire effects on his/her future ambitions.

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Why You Need an Experienced Defense Attorney

In deciding whether to plead guilty or proceed to trial following charges against you burglary charges, it would be if you sought legal advice and support from skilled defense attorneys like those from the Todd Spodek Law Firm. New Jersey’s burglary law is highly complex, and navigating your way around such intricacies without legal support can be quite treacherous when you have competent hands such as our representatives at the Todd Spodek Law Group, working tirelessly to provide you with adept representation.

The Advantage of Hiring the Services of Todd Spodek Law Group

At Todd Spodek Law Group, we passionately represent our clients in criminal defense cases such as burglary. We take pride in offering personalized attention to our clients’ cases by taking time to listen to them and developing bespoke strategies tailored towards achieving favorable results. Our highly experienced defense attorneys leverage their wealth of knowledge in providing aggressive and robust legal representation that avails successful outcomes for our client in many of these cases.

We provide comprehensive representation services that involve us working closely with our clients through every stage of litigation involved. Our primary aim is to mitigate any severe consequences associated with a burglary conviction by reducing potential penalties or strategically facing trial with the hope of acquitting you entirely of any wrongdoing.

Call Us Today

If you require legal services regarding any criminal offense relating to burglary, do not hesitate; reach out to us today at Teod Spodek Law Group. Schedule a consultation concerning your case by contacting us via email or call our phone line: 877-322-2865. Thus giving you access to skilled and experienced defense attorneys who are committed to providing pragmatic solutions for all charges against you. Take advantage and work with us today!

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Dangers And Consequences Of Burglary

Burglary has various degrees, each attracting increasing punishment levels based on specific stipulations laid down within law-texts.Most importantly section N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2 states clearly:

“A person is guilty of burglary if he enters a research facility, structure, or separately secured or occupied portion thereof, with purpose to commit an offense therein unless the premises are at the time open to the public or the actor is licensed or privileged to enter. Burglary is a crime of the second degree if in the course of committing the offense, the actor:
(1)purposely, knowingly or recklessly inflicts or attempts to inflict bodily injury on anyone; or
(2)is armed with or displays a deadly weapon; or
(3)uses or threatens the immediate use of explosives.”

From this law, it becomes apparent that it takes very little for an individual’s conviction to be elevated from a third-degree felony charge to a more severe second-degree felony when lethal weapons become involved.

The possible consequences associated with burglary counts as criminal charges are not limited only to sentencing and long periods confined behind walls of incarceration but weigh down equally upon individuals’ reputations too. Convicted individuals often face condemnation within society while undergoing social distancing brought about by their previous status. It could lead people around them owing to fear and uncertain trust levels towards them.

The reason that an experienced attorney is worth hiring in a case where an individual is facing burglary charges is:

Legal Knowledge: The experience an attorney gathers over time through handling similar cases, coupled with their mastery of the burglary laws in New Jersey, gives them an edge in building a robust defense tailored to your specific scenario. A competent attorney understands the tactics to employ to exonerate you from your already lodged charges or achieve lesser sentences.

Proffer a Strategic Approach: Due to their previous interactions with relevant parties such as court clerks and judges over time, they understand fully the gatekeeping strategies adopted in courtrooms. They leverage this knowledge by employing tactical maneuvers aimed at weakening any opposition argument.

Fair Sentencing : The vast body of law codes available to lawyers can serve as leverage when determining appropriate punishment levels for individuals standing trial for Burglary. As such, legal counsel provided by experienced attorneys aids in ensuring that those found guilty are given fair sentences considering all factors related to the case being judged.

Why You Need An Experienced Defense Attorney
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We take pride in providing passionate representation that unravels favorable results for our clients. Regardless of how severe we may perceive a case against you during consultations, or intimidating it gets out there within social circles, our dedicated team of attorneys works assiduously on your behalf.

The first step towards achieving desirable outcomes is hiring the right team of licensed and experienced lawyers who have got what it takes.
Don’t take chances on second-rate attorneys; get excellent representation from Todd Spodek Law Group.
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