NJ Federal Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

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Although some drug crimes are handled at the state level and rarely result in any long-term jail sentences or other consequences, many of the more serious drug crimes are handled under federal law. Federal drug crime offenses often carry mandatory sentencing laws that judges must follow. This could mean long jail time for felony drug convictions. This is why anyone charged with a possible federal drug offense should immediately contact competent and experienced NJ federal drug crimes defense lawyers.

Find Knowledgeable Federal Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

It really doesn’t make any sense to hire an attorney who primarily handles misdemeanor type offenses rather than serious drug cases when charged with one or more drug crime felony counts. It is wise to find a knowledgeable federal drug crime defense attorney who has the required knowledge and background to litigate this type of case in a courtroom. Law firms that specialize in high stakes criminal defense cases typically have decades of combined experience in getting clients a favorable outcome in similar cases.

Research the History of Any Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Beforehand

Someone who has already been convicted of a serious drug crime in the past are at a much higher risk of incurring serious and long prison sentences if they are charged again with a similar high stakes drug case later down-the-road. It is important for these individuals to properly research any law firm being considered to handle their challenging case. Your future freedom and quality of life could be at grave risk if your defense is not good enough this time around.

Find a Law Firm Able to Begin Working On Your Case Right Away

Many larger law firms have a large number of credible attorneys on their payroll. However, the person accused of a drug crime might have to wait long months just to get their case started due to the law firm’s busy calendars.

While your case is proceeding quickly on the prosecution end, those long delays in your defense action could spell major trouble as that time cannot be gotten back once the prosecutors have already gotten evidence of your crimes entered into the legal proceedings. Always find a law firm with attorneys ready to begin working on your defense strategy right away without delay.

Choose a Criminal Drug Crime Attorney Carefully if a Doctor or Pharmacist

Federal drug crimes against doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals able to prescribe, fill or dispense prescription medications and treatments can also be accused of serious drug crimes. A conviction could mean not only serious penalties including jail time, the healthcare provider will usually lose their medical, nursing or other license thereby taking away the convicted individual’s livelihood as well. Always ensure that your lawyer choice has experience in litigating these types of drug crimes before retaining them as your defense team.

What Types of Federal Drug Crimes Are There Anyway?

Not all drug crimes are treated equally in a courtroom these days. There are a number of various federal drug crimes that an individual could be charged with that should be considered. It is crucial to hire an attorney who has the necessary background and actual courtroom litigation experience to mount a formidable defense on behalf of their clients.

Examples of federal drug crimes include:

  • Conspiracy to manufacture, import, divert or distribute controlled substances
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug importation
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Possession of drugs with an intent to deliver
  • Prescription drug diversion
  • Various prescription drug fraud charges – Medicaid or Medicare drug fraud involving prescription drugs
  • Having or using a weapon during the actual commission of charged drug crime

As if the above drug crimes were not confusing enough, the individual charged with a federal drug crime could also be charged with a number of other criminal offenses. These include:

  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion
  • Conspiracy

Where To Turn for notch Federal Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

Anyone being investigated or charged with federal drug crimes should contact Spodek Law Group at https://www.jncriminalattorneys.com.