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Exporters and Importers involved in international trade across the United States borders face numerous compliance obligations and law enforcement risks. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other agencies enforce the laws governing export and import business and expect total adherence.


Failure to comply with the laws may subject importer and exporter to administrative, criminal, and civil penalties. To avoid such cases of and potential loss of business, exporters and importers need to engage an experienced council from Spodek Law Group at any sight or suspicion of a federal audit or investigation.


US federal Import Compliance


At Spodek Law Group, we offer solutions in the development of internal governing policies and control, evaluation of shipments and specific transactions, audit into current compliance, and adoption of new regulations based on CBP and other federal guidelines. Some of the areas we deal with in import and export compliance are:


  • Internal investigations and auditing
  • Training in customs compliance
  • CBP ruling compliances
  • Due diligence in regards to foreign supplies, brokers, and third parties
  • Duty reduction, Protests, Reconciliation, exemptions
  • Request for exclusion including other claims under Section 232 and Section 301
  • Harmonizing traffic schedules
  • Importer of record agreement
  • Importer self-assessment
  • Prior disclosure
  • OFAC Licenses
  • NAFTA and any other Free Trade Agreement Compliance
  • Software licensing and Technology Transfers
  • Request for tariff exclusion
  • Customs-Trade Partnership

Federal Export Compliance


We have experienced lawyers in matters of federal export compliance. We help companies from all industries avoid compliance matters that could jeopardize and threaten cross-border trade or even trigger possible scrutiny from the OFAC, CBP, FBI, and other federal agencies. Our services can be a one-off service or full-scale company-wide compliance and include compliance representation for matters such as:


  • Commodity Classification
  • CBP Notice Compliance
  • Filling compliance for automated Export System
  • Licensing from the Bureau of Industry and Security and other compliances
  • Restricted or Denied Party Screening
  • Seizure and Detention Policies and Practices
  • A sanction, Embargo, and any other OFAC Compliance
  • Exemption and Exception Determinations
  • Classifications of Export Classification Control
  • Export Control Licensing
  • Compliance with Export Trade Regulation
  • Compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Internal Audits and Investigations
  • Prior Disclosures
  • Software Licensing and Technology Transfers
  • Registrations for International Traffic in Arms Regulations Notifications of New Changes, and any other classification
  • Defense Representation for Federal Import/Export

In certain instances, it may not be possible to avoid scrutiny from the OFAC, FBI, CBP, Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, or any other federal law enforcement. Therefore, the involvement of a federal defense attorney is necessary. While it is prudent for a business to engage in proactive compliance, some cases are unavoidable.


Our services not only cover full-service compliance representation, but we also represent exporters and importers and any other business clients when it comes to federal law enforcement investigations. When it comes to federal import/export audits and investigations, our services in defense representation are countrywide and including:


  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Export Administration Regulations
  • Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act
  • International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming

Contraband with Technology Act


Our experience and expertise are not limited to representing clients at the investigative stage. We pride in devoting to pre-trial practice, civil and criminal trial litigation, and civil and criminal trial litigation. We have successfully assisted business clients who have been a target of federal investigations, civil investigative demands, federal subpoenas, and any other federal law enforcement agencies’ inquiries.


Reasons to choose Spodek Law Group


Our law firm represented export and import businesses from all over the country regarding import and export compliance and other federal matters. We have experienced attorneys in areas of federal compliance and defense.
Our services are:


Proactive Defense


An experienced attorney’s responsibility is to take a proactive approach to import and export matters to protect the client’s financial and legal interest. At Spodek Law Group, we take the necessary steps to achieve a favorable result during audits and investigations to prevent federal charges on our client’s business. In cases of potential criminal prosecution of your shareholders or civil sanctions against your company, we will advocate and protect you.


National wide availability


We have a nationwide reach and are ready to serve you anytime on all export and import matters, and we would work with you regardless of the size and stage of your business. We can work with you to build a compliance program from scratch for a startup and offer all solutions that meet your business needs.


Custom-Tailored Compliance Programs


Our services do not fit all businesses the same. We tailor and customize compliance to suit the companies’ trade partners, legal risks, specific operations, and any other conditions for that particular business.




Regardless of your company size, urgency, needs, and finances at stake, our team of attorneys will offer advice, representation, and advocate for a favorable result on behalf of your company.