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Fraud Offense Lawyers in New Jersey
While many have a general sense of what is meant by the word fraud, not everyone has a full understanding of precisely what kinds of criminal offenses fall under that broader category. Broadly speaking, crimes in this realm tend to involve deceitful conduct of one form or another. With dishonestly at the forefront of fraudulent activity, these offenses include a vast array of schemes for which severe penalties can be imposed upon conviction. If you are facing a fraud-related charge and wish to begin the process of building a defense, a fraud offense lawyer in New Jersey can help.

Fraud Crimes in New Jersey

Fraud offenses are typically non-violent acts, though they can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Common to all such crimes, however, is an intent to conceal or deceive in order to obtain property, money, or some other form of value in an unlawful manner. While most fraud crimes fall into the financial and consumer areas, other types of fraud also exist, with some of the more commonly-charged offenses including things such as forgery, trademark counterfeiting, credit card fraud, receiving stolen checks, deceptive business practices, fraudulent vehicle title transfer, and more. Other fraud crimes include:

  • Rigging contests that are open to the public
  • Use of false academic credentials
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Deceptive business practices

The seriousness of a fraud charge and the punishments it may yield tend to turn on whether the underlying offense is a federal or state-level crime. In all cases, however, those charged with a crime in this realm are well-served to enlist the aid of a fraud offense attorney in New Jersey as soon as possible after learning of the accusations against them.

High-Stakes Nature of Fraud Cases in New Jersey

The legal universe relating to fraud is quite broad, and it is therefore not surprising that the potential sanctions for those convicted run the gamut from relatively minor to profoundly life-changing. The penalties ultimately imposed on someone found guilty of a fraud charge often depend on the nature of the underlying crime, its designation as a felony or a misdemeanor, and the degree of harm inflicted on victims of the conduct. Individuals convicted of a fraud crime may, in severe cases, be subject to long-term incarceration.

It must also be borne in mind that those charged with a fraud crime in New Jersey are not the only ones for whom a guilty finding is likely to produce truly devastating effects. The resulting job loss, fines, social stigma, and other penatlies are sure to have implications for entire families that can put them on the edge of collapse. Beacause of this, it is crucial to secure strong legal representation from a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as charges are filed.

Detailed Nature of New Jersey Fraud Crimes Defense

The universe of fraud crimes, particularly sophisticated financial offenses, are often highly technical, fact-intensive affairs. As such, every case requires a customzed strategy formulated by an experienced practitioner. A New Jersey fraud defense lawyer will work together with forensic experts, technology analysts, subject matter witnesses, legal support staff, and others to spot gaps in the prosecution’s arguments and evidence, and work toward the best possible outcome.

Contact a New Jersey Fraud Defense Attorney

Considering the host of undesirable implications a fraud crimes conviction is almost certain to bring, the prospect of mounting a vigorous legal defense can be a daunting one, indeed. By obtaining the assistance of a legal practitioner with a track record of success in mitigating penalties and achieving successful results for those facing similar charges, defendants can rest assured that they have placed their future fortunes in good hands.

Time, however, is of the essence when it comes to beginning the process of defending yourself against fraud crimes charges in New Jersey. Indecision is the enemy at times like these, and the sooner the aid of a seasoned attorney is procured, the faster zealous legal representation may begin. In order to assert your rights to a strong defense and work to protect your family’s good name, contact a New Jersey fraud crimes practitioner to discuss the facts of your case.