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NJ Intoxication Offenses Lawyers

NJ Intoxication Charges: The Consequences of Overindulging in Alcohol

Many people enjoy grabbing a drink with friends or having a glass of wine after a long day. While drinking is legal for those who are over the age of 21, getting drunk with others or damaging property can have serious consequences. In NJ, various intoxication offenses await individuals who engage in these behaviors. From public intoxification and assault to manslaughter caused by intoxication, these charges can bring life-altering consequences.

Public Intoxication – When It Isn’t Just Harmless Fun

Public intoxication is said to be one of the most common charges related to the over-consumption of alcohol. Sure, you may think that there’s no harm in taking a stroll around town after happy hour, but when your actions create trouble, things get complicated. Drinking in public isn’t illegal if you’re within legal drinking age limits; however, causing a disturbance or committing any unlawful acts while out and about will lead you straight to an arrest warrant.

Assault – A Dangerous Outcome

If your desire to indulge doesn’t end with hanging out with friends and dancing the night away at your chosen club or bar but leads you behind the wheel afterward, then expect harsher penalties. Charging someone with intoxication-assault comes into play when impaired drivers end up injuring someone due to reckless driving under influence. If found guilty of this crime (which is taken more seriously than just simple DUI), you’ll surely regret it as the sentence can negatively impact aspects such as employment status and social reputation.

The Blood Is on Your Hands: Manslaughter Caused By Intoxication

Manslaughter owing to intoxication is another charge comparable to intoxication-assault since it involves severe injuries leading towards eventual death rather than just permanent impairment. As per NJ state laws, even if an intention to hurt someone didn’t exist beforehand, recklessness leading up to death due to drunk driving can still result in a second-degree felony charge at minimum. It’s crucial to seek legal assistance as early as possible to help you get the representation and work on your defense plan, especially since having no criminal record could lessen your sentence.

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DWI or DUI – Two Serious Types of Charges

People often get confused between these two charges with slight differences in categories. Driving Under Influence (DUI) is a charge reserved for drivers under the age of 21 who have been shown to be drinking, while Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is more severe and involves persons with a blood-alcohol level over NJ state limits. If ineffective equipment or mistakes in testing have led to either charge, it’s essential for an attorney to challenge such accuracy claims.

Other Associated Charges

Apart from the major crimes discussed above, several minor ones stemming from drinking are also prevalent in NJ courts. Boating while intoxicated involves operating any water vessels after consuming alcohol and causing severe harm to someone else or disrupting peace on passenger boats may lead to arrests warrant issued against those against whom the complaints been received by authorities. DWI with child passengers and underage drinking are some other serious crimes that law enforcement takes seriously.

The Aftermath of Drinking: Life Not Turned Out As Per Plan

These alcohol-related charges can result in dangerous outcomes that can change your life altogether. Depending on how things turn out for you, you could end up serving time behind bars or even end up suffering financial losses due to hefty fines that come attached with the sentences passed by judges/court verdicts.


NJ Traffic Violations and Points System

Traffic laws regulate conduct on roadways by ensuring safety standards are met and protecting all parties present. Drivers must know what actions qualify as violations so that they don’t suddenly find themselves facing large fines, driver’s license limitations/suspensions/revocations, enrollment/dismissal into/from driver education courses, or other serious consequences. The state of NJ operates via a traffic ticket-point system determined by the offense committed.

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Traffic Violations: What You Need to Know

Most drivers in New Jersey think that traffic violations result only from things like running a red light, speeding above the allowed limit, or making improper turns; however, there are numerous other violations to be aware of when behind the wheel:

– Failure to stop for pedestrians on crosswalks
– Driving while using mobile phones
– Ignoring stop signs at intersections
– Failing to yield while tickets under particular circumstances
– Financial responsibility requirement failures such as not having active/valid insurance policies

These violations and others like them come with different traffic ticket penalties. For instance, driving while using mobile phones comes with a fine of $200+ plus 3 points on your license. In addition, repeat offenders will pay heavier fines that could affect their driver’s license validity and future insurance quotes.

The Point System: Just One Mistake Away

NJ operates an explicit point system that scores every violation depending on its severity level – basically, the lesser points your driving record has accumulated, the better off you’ll be in terms of keeping your license intact without paying exorbitant fines. The point system assigns unique point values for different offenses:

Pointless Traffic Violations:
These offenses score individual zero points meaning violation committed is minor and doesn’t have any demerit point attached towards one’s driver-related record.

One-Point Traffic Violations:
Violations that involve endangering property or less severe cases resulting in little disruption come included under this badge termed as ‘one-point’ category.

Two-Point Traffic Violations:
This category includes punishments that include reckless commuting resulting in personal injury caused by unsafe driving behaviors (such as blowing up a red light).

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Three-or-More Point Traffic Violations:
Offenses considered more severe/offense cause significant harm fall under this category. Different examples include speeding, failing to stop at red lights, racing with other cars on highways, or driving under influence/intoxication.


Violations resulting from unsafe driving can have severe impacts on individuals’ career/student life; that’s why keeping oneself informed about the latest updates concerning NJ traffic rules is crucial. Plus, knowing what violations contractors face and how many points they carry serves them as a necessary reminder to be more attentive when behind the wheel always.

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