NJ Murder Defense Lawyers

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NJ Murder
Murder is one of the most serious crimes in the United States. Both state and federal authorities follow up murder investigations with exceptional aggressiveness.

This is mainly because the public always demands more action from law enforcement agencies in terms of investigations and prosecution of murder cases.

There’s no doubt that murder is a serious criminal offense that needs to be punished. Taking the life of another human being cannot be tolerated in any society. However, the challenge comes when innocent people are accused of murder.

Improper investigations, illegal evidence, and rushed judgments are some of the things that usually lead to wrongful homicide accusations.

The truth often comes out after the defendant has already gone through irreparable damage to their psychological health, quality of life, and reputation.

Believe it or not, murder false accusations or murder happens quite commonly in the United States. It is possible that you or your loved one has been falsely accused of murder and maybe you are under investigation.

The best thing to do is to engage an experienced federal murder defense lawyer. Murder cases are normally treated with a lot of seriousness. Investigators can sometimes manipulate the case and lead to false convictions.

That’s why you need a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience in representing murder victims.

Compassion representation

Murder cases are the most serious cases that criminal defense lawyers deal with. Although lawyers may try their level best to secure the freedom of the accused person, it is important to note that most murder cases do not end well.

The murder charges against you may not only affect you but also the rest of your family, friends, and the entire community as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you knew the murder victim or not, as criminal defense lawyers, we understand how such allegations can affect you and the people close to you.

Definition of murder

Murder can be defined as intentionally or knowingly taking the life of another person or injuring them. Each state in the United States may however have their own definition of murder.

A person can also be convicted or murder by committing acts that clearly threaten the life of another person. There are murder cases that often appear very serious that federal or state prosecutors will want nothing less than a death penalty.

But to be able to convince the judges, the prosecutors must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the murder crime. This is referred to as capital murder. It is a situation where the intention of the defendant was to kill the victim.

Federal murder charges in New Jersey

Most of the murder cases are handled by state prosecutors. Nonetheless, some murder case may be handled by the federal government in the following circumstances:

• In case the victim is an official from the federal government
• If the victim is a law enforcement officer working with the federal government
• In case the murder happens to be part of another federal offense
• If the intention of the murder was to obstruct or impede a federal legal proceeding
• If the murder occurs on a ship or water body
• If the murder is committed in a federal property

Categories of homicide

In case a person kills another, it is referred to as homicide irrespective of the circumstances surrounding the murder. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that every homicide case leads to criminal charges.

For instance, if a person kills another accidentally or in self-defense, he or she may not face criminal charges.

There are three categories of homicide in New Jersey

• Manslaughter
• Murder
• Death by auto

First-degree murder verse second degree murder

Murder charges are normally categorized as first degree or second degree. The main difference between the two is whether the murder was premeditated or accidental.

Under the first degree murder, there are three forms of murder under the NJ Criminal Homicide Law:

• Purposeful
• Knowingly
• Attempted murder

Penalties for first degree and second-degree murders

The penalty for first-degree murder in New Jersey is 30 years to life imprisonment. In a situation where the defendant is below 18 years, the penalty may be life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Penalty for second-degree murder

There are several factors that come into play when deciding the penalty for second-degree murder. But an accused person may be jailed for up to 15 years or even life imprisonment.