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Defending Against Oxycodone Possession and Distribution Charges in New Jersey

Oxycodone is an opioid-based pain medication that is highly addictive, which makes illegal possession, sales, or purchase of the drug a serious offense. Being charged with such an offense can lead to imprisonment or significant fines.

In New Jersey, the possession of up to four oxycodone pills without a valid prescription can result in 18 months of jail time and a fine of up to $10,000. If you are facing charges related to the possession or distribution of oxycodone in New Jersey, it is essential to seek legal help. The Law Offices of Todd Spodek has experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help you negotiate penalties and reduce charges when possible.

We understand the gravity of this situation and know how important it is for you to defend against these charges. We have extensive experience working as New Jersey prosecutors and public defenders. Our comprehensive understanding of New Jersey law allows us to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients.

You need immediate action if you have been charged with an oxycodone-related crime or believe that these charges will be brought upon you soon. We work quickly and vigorously on your behalf and might even get the charges dropped before they go to court if there were any issues with your arrest.

Our firm has nine offices located throughout New Jersey, and we have connections across the state that enable us to resolve cases positively. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys today.

Oxycodone Possession and Distribution Charges in New Jersey

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New Jersey enacted laws restricting most initial prescriptions for opioids like oxycodone to five days in February 2017. This law made it one of the most stringent laws regarding illicit use, possession, or distribution of drugs like oxycodone across America. NJ criminalizes obtaining a prescription fraudulently by way of forging prescriptions or illegally obtaining them.

The distribution, possession, or fraudulent acquisition of oxycodone is a criminal offense that carries significant penalties. Some typical charges and fines for oxycodone-related offenses in New Jersey are:

– Possession of up to four doses without a legal prescription is a fourth-degree offense. Five to 99 doses constitute a third-degree offense. Possession of more than 100 doses is a second-degree offense.
– Illegally distributing oxycodone mirrors the possession charges concerning the number of doses distributed.
– Fraudulently obtaining oxycodone prescriptions or forging prescriptions is a third-degree offense.

A conviction for possession with intent to distribute large quantities (second-degree offense) carries five to ten years of jail time and penalty fees up to $300,000. A third-degree offense leads to imprisonment for three to five years and fines up to $200,000. Finally, fourth-degree offenses have an 18-month jail time and fine of up to $10,000.

An individual convicted of fraudulently obtaining oxycodone or forging prescriptions may have their New Jersey driver’s license suspended for at least six months. Theft crimes can also be prosecuted against such individuals.

The illegal use or consumption of legally prescribed oxycodone tablets can lead to disorderly persons’ offenses under NJ law. Punishments include six months in prison and a fine up to $1,000.

The Criminal Process in New Jersey for Oxycodone Cases

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Various stages are involved in the criminal process in New Jersey when one is charged with possessing, selling, or acquiring drugs like oxycodone. Nonetheless, it is not to be convicted as these charges hold severe consequences on one’s record.

At The Law Offices of Todd Spodek, we understand this process inside out and can defend you against any allegations made by prosecutors or police officers. There are several opportunities available that may lead to reducing your penalties and avoiding severe punishments.

Our attorneys can challenge the prosecution to prove their case. We question whether there was probable cause to search an individual or their vehicle honestly. Additionally, we examine whether the defendants were properly identified by law enforcement officials or if they were caught in a drug-prone area.

If the prosecution cannot prove their case, there may be a dismissal or reduction of charges. Our experienced attorneys can also determine if charges have been falsely elevated to possession with intent to distribute oxycodone.

New Jersey Diversion Programs Available for Oxycodone Cases

When we cannot get your oxycodone-related charges dropped, we may reduce them through negotiation of lesser sentences (especially if you have a clean record). Two such diversion programs are available in New Jersey for first-time offenders charged with non-violent drug offenses.

Suppose you accompanying simple oxycodone possession charges with substance abuse issues. In that case, you may be allowed entry into one of these programs if appropriate:

– Drug Court – this specialized probation is compulsory in specific cases and includes intensive supervision based on structured regimens of treatment, involvement in 12-step recovery programs, frequent court appearances, and drug-testing. It also provides counseling and resources outside of court-based support.
– Pretrial Intervention – this program requires court supervision for an average duration of between one to three years before any dismissal of charges. Evaluation entails psychological and/or drug and alcohol checks and obtaining recommended treatment alongside random urine tests.

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Once defendants complete all PTI conditions such as community service work payment for restitution services program requires payment; including the original charges being dismissed without conviction on their record afterward.

Seek Legal Help from The Law Offices of Todd Spodek

Being charged with possessing, distributing, forging or fraudulently acquiring drugs like oxycodone is difficult but not hopeless situation. An arrest or indictment does not always result in a guilty verdict at court where prosecutors must prove their case.

At The Law Offices of Todd Spodek, our experienced attorneys know how severe and life-changing such charges can be. Therefore, we offer legal services and guidance to help you navigate through this stressful process.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation with our criminal defense team of lawyers to learn more about how we can support your oxycodone-based criminal case.

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