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White-collar crimes, also known as corporate crime, usually involve money matters and are mostly non-violent. They are committed mainly by business people and government officials who directly or indirectly deal with financial transactions.

When faced with white-collar crime allegations, many people wonder what their careers or even families will look like in the event of a conviction. Mitigation of the perceived negative impact is crucial; thus, it is essential for those suspected to speak to a professional white-collar crime lawyer and constitute a strong defense team in the shortest time possible to safeguard their reputation.

White-collar crime lawyers in New Jersey handle a wide range of white-collar crime cases. Owing to their vast knowledge and experience, they offer the best services by challenging the grand jury investigations’ adequacy. They also help fight off arcane procedural moves used by the Department of Justice by combing through the evidence produced by the prosecution teams in favor of their clients.
Besides, they can negotiate for unique pre-arrest plans to avoid clients’ unwanted exposure, which may negatively affect their image. In self-surrender cases, the lawyers always offer appropriate advice and support to their clients and represent them ably in the federal courts since the government prosecutes most cases.

White-collar crimes are many and include federal as well as state charges. While some people commit these crimes knowingly, other people are involved in the crimes unknowingly. In whichever circumstance, charges are bound to be instituted. Among the wide range of white-collar crimes handled by New Jersey white-collar lawyers include but not limited to;
• Embezzlement
• Tax fraud
• Forgery
• Identity theft
• Bank fraud
• Securities fraud
• Falsifying government documents
• Bribery
• Extortion
• Computer fraud
• Insurance fraud
• Credit card fraud
• Corporate fraud
• Consumer fraud
• Tax evasion
• Money laundering
• Healthcare fraud

As opposed to other kinds of crimes, white-collar crimes are usually unique and a highly complicated criminal law field, often based on complex financial documents and transactions. All the more the reason those implicated in these kinds of crimes must ensure they have lawyers who have the adequate know-how on financial matters to reduce the impacts of such charges and prevent long term repercussions.
People subjected to white-collar criminal investigations are majorly influential business people and senior public professionals. By the very nature of their positions, upon suspicion, they are prone to making hurried decisions that can be very costly during investigations. Thus, they need to seek the services of competent, experienced white-collar lawyers.

Although white-collar crimes do not appear as harmful as violent crime, the consequences are sometimes more severe than other charges; thus, skilled lawyers with sufficient insights into the prosecution of white-collar crimes will come in handy. A seasoned lawyer will ensure your side of the story is heard while also protecting your rights and maintaining your innocence, freedom, reputation, and future. Most white-collar crime charges usually affect future job prospects for the individuals facing charges.

Penalties for white-collar crimes vary depending on the type of charges one is facing, the severity of the crime, the number of people affected by the crime, and the amounts of money in question. The penalties may include;

House arrests. They involve a convicted person being denied the freedom to travel outside their home. In most cases, during the confinement, one must have an electronic monitor to check on their movement.

Probation. It involves certain conditions such as reporting to a probation officer regularly or having restricted internet access, among other requirements, being meted on a convicted person.

Fines. Sometimes fines amounting to hundreds of dollars are levied over and above other penalties.
Imprisonment or jail term. In some instances, victims can be incarcerated for a period depending on the outcome of their case.
Restitution. A convicted person can also be ordered to pay back the people financially affected by their actions. Restitution is sometimes ordered on top of the fines or other penalties.

Consequences of white-collar crimes can have far-reaching effects on the victims, which can taint their images and impact negatively on their relationships and family. Therefore, white-collar lawyers’ intervention is critical in pushing for downgrading of the charges even when convictions are almost inevitable. The lawyers can argue to have the charges dismissed or reduced and press for fairness and leniency during sentencing.

White-collar crime is typically a non-violent crime motivated by money. While the crime may not cause physical harm to individuals, it can be financially devastating to those who are affected. The white-collar crime involves acts such as bank fraud, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, insider trading, bribery, money laundering, and embezzlement. The consequences of a white-collar crime conviction can be dire. If you are accused of white-collar crimes in New Jersey, you should seek out an attorney who specializes in the area of law.

White-collar defense lawyers are well-versed on the issues. The firm will have seasoned veterans who can craft a defense for your particular case. If you live in the New Jersey area, call for a consultation with the Spodek Law Group. They have the experience and track record needed to fight for your rights. With Spodek, you will receive aggressive representation by lawyers who will always bring the highest level of service.

White-collar crimes in New Jersey are serious and can have serious consequences. There is a wide range of sentencing options depending on the crime and other factors. You could face many years in prison, high fines, and even restitution. You may also receive probation. If there is enough evidence to garner a conviction, your defense attorney will do everything within their power to get your sentence reduced.

The goal of the Spodek Law Group is to get the lightest sentence possible under the law. There are times when the evidence against you is not what it seems. Everything will be thoroughly investigated. Mistakes can happen, and unfortunately, police work can be sloppy and sometimes unethical. You should not have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. The Spodek Law Group will ensure that you won’t. They will go over your case with a fine-toothed comb to ensure everything is above board.

Many people wonder how they will be informed that they are under investigation for white-collar crimes. If you are being investigated, federal agents will pay you a visit. That visit could be from any government authority including the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Customs, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes you will be issued a subpoena, a search warrant, or both. If the federal government reaches out to you, you should have your defense attorneys on standby. They will instruct you regarding your rights and how to handle those situations.

When it comes to white-collar crimes in New Jersey, prosecutors can be very tough. Depending on the crime, a prosecutor will definitely try to get the harshest sentence possible. This is why you will need a defense attorney who knows all about white-collar law. Many of the lawyers are former federal prosecutors. They are well versed in white-collar law and know exactly what prosecutors will do. They will use their own personal experience to fight back and secure a victory for you.

Remember, never answer questions without the benefit of a lawyer present. This is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make. Federal agents can often put the fear of God in a person and trick them into giving up their rights. And anything you say to them can be used against you at your trial. A good lawyer will be at your side from start to finish. The first order of business is arguing to have the charges dropped. If there is not enough evidence, a reasonable judge will drop them.

In New Jersey, white-collar crimes under state and federal law can have severe consequences. You will need an aggressive team of attorneys to fight for your rights. Call the Spodek Group for a risk-free consultation before it’s too late.