Same-Sex Divorce | Domestic Partnerships

Posted By admin, Uncategorized On July 17, 2020

Dissolving a Same-Sex Marriage

Now that same-sex marriage is recognized under the law of the state of California, the subject of same-sex divorce became an area of law practice for well rounded divorce attorneys.  California state also recognizes registered domestic partnerships that affords folks similar rights and responsibilities. 

The Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003 went into effect in California On January 1, 2005. It provides that couples who register their domestic partnerships in the State of California are afforded similar, but not all the same, rights and responsibilities to those available to traditional couples whose marriages were registered with the State.

Registering a Domestic Partnership

A handful of situations involve establishing a union, such as registering a domestic partnership or making certain your partner is included in your final will and testament. Other situations can arise when a domestic partnership or same-sex marriage needs to be dissolved, such as sharing out community property and making a decision regarding custody of a child or children.

An well informed attorney in this field would be able to assist with the following:

  • Forming a registered domestic partnership
  • divorce for same-sex partners that were lawfully wedded in California
  • Dissolution of a domestic partnership
  • Splitting up marital/partnership community property and liabilities
  • Child custody and visitation matters
  • Orders for child support 
  • Orders for spousal support 
  • Modification of any orders for child custody, visitation and child support 

Should you presently be married, are interested in forming a registered domestic partnership or have arrived at the conclusion to bring your relationship to an end, a skilled lawyer can assist you in getting through every step of this potentially challenging process.