What To Do First If You’re Involved in a Federal Investigation

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We know it’s not easy to deal with unknown prosecutors interrogating you. It can be very frustrating, and considering the chances that individuals have a hard time dealing with strangers. It may lead to annoyance or health issues like blood pressure, anxiety, or a sudden heart attack. Step up on your game and turn to Spodek Law Group in New Jersey, which will guide you and provide a legal council session. When you know your guilty conscience is not clear; probably you have committed the crime, it’s even a wiser step to contact Spodek Law Group. We are here at your service, and we will restore your current situation to your everyday life.


starters, we live in a world where people are ignorant. Education aims to provide knowledge that enables man to do what he is supposed to do, go where he should go, and speak what he should speak. To cut the story short, it eliminates ignorance. Not everybody gets access to education, so a more significant percentage are victims of ignorance. Here are ways to tell when you’re under federal Investigations.


  • Agents show up with a sea/h3rch warrant.
  • Immediate friends and family inform you.
  • When you receive subpoenas for documents
  • You receive a target letter from a United States Attorney.
  • When a Federal Agent tries to speak with you.

Steps you should take when you are involved in a Federal Investigation


1. Step Back and Adjust Your Mind


I believe this will be the first step that any typical person would take. You can’t meet random people and start letting all the secrets out of the bag. You should never feel pressured or obligated to speak to those agents if you don’t want to. It’s a free world, and with the rules of the land, you can choose to remain silent. The Agents are very tactical guys. They may lead you into giving statements or tell them what you know. Still, the choice is yours. If you’ve already given in to their demands, don’t worry. Just lay down a bit and try to recall everything you’ve told them. The same statements you will need them in the next stage or once your lawyer arrives.


2. Contact An Attorney


After investigations, you should not hesitate to contact a legal representative. It should be the first step you take before doing anything else. The Spodek Law Group Attorneys will make everything more manageable by taking up your case. They will give the best advice and guide you on what you should do to get back on track. The consultation fee is free of charge. You need to hire an attorney with full experience when it comes to handling Federal Criminal cases. Remember that it doesn’t take any lawyer but a qualified one whose records are clean. We have dealt with both the state and federal cases for over 50 years, and still, we are the leading criminal law company in the whole of New Jersey. Federal cases can be complicated if one is involved. If you don’t watch, you might end up facing a jail-term sentence or other binding verdicts.


3. Never Forget Your Rights


Every country has its own rules. One Universal law is every citizen is has got their right to liberty, as stated under the constitution. You have the right to cooperate or not to cooperate with any agent. Nobody will take arrest you if they do not have a search warrant to do so. Law enforcement officials must show you a document that identifies them as officers. If not careful, some thieves and scammers perpetrate to be working for the federal government department, yet they are fake.


4. Tell the Truth


It is prudent that when you speak to the Federal Prosecutors, always be honest with your words and actions. Whether you have sworn under oath or not. It would help if you told the truth under all circumstances. Government sends Agents in two. One will interview you, and the other will act as a witness. If what you speak to your lawyer is contrary to what you said to the agents, then you will be in serious trouble. Any lies you tell is a criminal offense, and no one can escape punishment. It may be 8-20 years maximum


Another necessary step to take when you are under a federal investigation is to remain silent. Do not talk to anyone who is not a legal representative. If you are in communication with friends and family.


The court may issue a subpoena, and those people will have to testify against you. They may further complicate your case and giving your lawyers a hard time.


If you have a federal case and wondering where you should start from, Visit the Spodek Law Group and allow us to work together. Contact us or visit our website.