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Woodbridge Township Burglary Attorneys

December 19, 2023

Finding the Best Burglary Defense Attorney in Woodbridge Township

Being charged with burglary in Woodbridge Township is scary. You could face years in prison and major fines if convicted. Building a strong legal defense needs to be your top priority. Finding the right local burglary defense attorney is key.

This article explains what to look for in the ideal lawyer to defend your rights. I’ll walk through:

  • Understanding burglary charges
  • Qualities of the best attorneys
  • Questions to ask during consultations
  • Warning signs to avoid
  • Additional resources

Burglary Charges in New Jersey

Burglary is entering a building illegally to commit a crime inside under N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. Penalties include:

  • 3-5 years prison for 3rd degree burglary
  • 5-10 years for 2nd degree
  • 10-20 years for 1st degree

An experienced attorney is vital for the strongest defense against these serious charges.

Choosing Your Burglary Defense Lawyer

Key Attorney Qualities

Look for these top traits in your lawyer:

  1. Extensive local burglary defense experience – Find someone with a proven track record specifically with Woodbridge Township cases.
  2. Insider knowledge of courts & prosecutors – Leverage relationships and systemic expertise to your advantage.
  3. Aggressive strategic approach – Don’t settle for less than an unrelenting fighter in your corner.

Crucial Questions During Consultations

Vet candidates by asking questions like:

  • How many similar cases have you taken to trial and won?
  • Can you leverage relationships with local prosecutors?
  • What defense strategies do you recommend for my charges?
  • How will you communicate with me during my case?

Gauge competence/responsiveness to choose the best attorney for you.

Warning Signs of Bad Lawyers

Avoid attorneys who:

  • Lack specific local burglary experience
  • Make unrealistic guarantees
  • Seem disorganized
  • Quickly push plea deals without investigating

Vet all options thoroughly before deciding.

Additional Burglary Defense Resources

For more on NJ burglary laws and finding lawyers, see:

Stay positive – experienced local attorneys are here to help!

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