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Woodbridge Weapon Violation

December 18, 2023

Woodbridge Weapon Violation

Living in Woodbridge, Virginia comes with great perks – beautiful parks, historic sites, a thriving economy and cultural diversity. However, with a population of over 40,000, Woodbridge does see its fair share of crime. One type of crime that residents should be aware of is weapon violations.

What Constitutes a Weapon Violation?

In Virginia, it is illegal to carry concealed weapons, including firearms, without a permit. You can face charges for the following:

  • Possessing a firearm such as a handgun, rifle or shotgun without a permit
  • Carrying knives, bats, hammers or other items capable of harming others
  • Discharging firearms in public areas

Penalties vary but can include fines up to $2,500 and jail time from 60 days up to 5 years for felony offenses.

Why are Weapon Violations Taken Seriously?

Police and prosecutors in Woodbridge aim to prevent violence and harm involving firearms and other weapons. Charges for violations depend on the type of weapon, intent and other circumstances.

For example, possession of prohibited weapons like sawed-off shotguns can lead to felony charges no matter what. Other violations may only lead to misdemeanors unless connected to additional crimes.

Common Defenses Against Weapon Violation Charges

If you face charges for a Woodbridge weapon violation, an attorney can help examine the details of your case and build possible defenses. Some common defenses include:

Lack of Criminal Intent

If you can show you did not intend to use the weapon to harm others or commit crimes, you may avoid harsh penalties. For example, someone transporting a legally owned weapon may have accidentally brought it into a prohibited area.

Invalid Search

If police performed an illegal vehicle search or home search, any weapons found may not be permissible as evidence. An attorney can argue to have such evidence thrown out.

Self-Defense Argument

In some cases, it may be justifiable to carry certain weapons for self-defense purposes. An attorney can argue the weapon was not meant to harm others unlawfully.

Possession Technicalities

If a weapon belongs to someone else, you may avoid charges by proving you were not aware it was present. Or, if a weapon is in your home, car or business but you do not have direct access to it, you may avoid penalties.

Penalties Too Harsh

An attorney can argue that the context and circumstances do not warrant severe charges or penalties based on the law. They may be able to negotiate reduced penalties or alternative sentencing.

Finding the Right Legal Help

If you or someone you know faces weapon violation charges in Woodbridge, Virginia, consulting an attorney is critical. At [Law Firm Name], our attorneys have extensive experience building strong defenses in weapon violation cases.

We will thoroughly examine your charges, gather evidence, interview witnesses if applicable and identify the best legal strategies. Our goal is to have charges reduced or dismissed when possible and avoid the most severe outcomes.

To set up a consultation with our legal team at no obligation, call or contact us online today. Let our Woodbridge weapon violation lawyers help you understand the law and protect your rights during this difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if questioned by police about a weapon violation?

You have the right to remain silent when questioned by police. Politely state you do not wish to answer questions without your attorney present. While you may feel pressure to explain the situation, anything you say can potentially be used against you.

What weapons can I legally own in Virginia?

Virginia allows ownership of most standard rifles, shotguns and handguns by residents over 18 (or 21 for handguns) without felony convictions. However, certain weapons like sawed-off shotguns, large capacity magazines, silencers and plastic firearms are prohibited. Always check state and local laws before obtaining any weapon.

If I have a concealed carry permit, can I bring my gun anywhere?

No. Even with a permit, there are many places where concealed weapons are illegal, including schools, courthouses, airports and more. Responsible gun owners must understand and follow all relevant laws regarding where they can and cannot bring firearms.

Can I be charged if someone else uses my gun to commit a crime?

Possibly. Virginia has laws regarding negligent storage of firearms. If you fail to secure your weapon and it is stolen or accessed and used illegally, you may face civil and/or criminal liability. Always keep guns locked safely and be careful allowing others access.

What should I do if I bring a weapon somewhere prohibited unintentionally?

If you realize you accidentally brought a weapon into an illegal area, immediately leave if possible and safely secure the weapon as soon as you can. Reporting the incident to authorities or security personnel can also demonstrate you did not intend to violate the law.


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