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Woodbridge Aggravated Assault Lawyers

December 16, 2023

Facing Aggravated Assault Charges in Woodbridge? Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting arrested for aggravated assault can be an incredibly scary and confusing situation. Believe me, I get it. As a Woodbridge criminal defense lawyer who regularly deals with assault cases, I know how overwhelming this can feel. But don’t freak out just yet. There are definitely options and people who can help guide you through this.In this article, I wanted to give a quick rundown on aggravated assault charges in Woodbridge, VA, your defense options, and finding the right lawyer to represent your case. My goal is to help you better understand what you’re facing so you can start mapping out a game plan. If you have any other questions after reading this, just shoot me a message. I’m always happy to help however I can.

Understanding Aggravated Assault Charges in Virginia

Assault charges can cover a wide range of offenses in Virginia, ranging from more minor simple assaults to serious felony aggravated assaults. According to Virginia statute 18.2-57, an assault occurs when one person tries to physically harm another, even if no actual battery or injury takes place.What bumps an assault to the aggravated level is when it involved one of the following factors:

  • Use of a deadly weapon
  • Intent to maim, disfigure, disable or kill
  • Shooting, stabbing, cutting or wounding the victim

Unlike simple assault which is usually a misdemeanor, aggravated assault is a more serious Class 6 felony in Virginia. This means it‘s punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison.So if you’ve been accused of aggravated assault in Woodbridge, it’s absolutely vital that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The penalties you’re facing here are no joke.

Fighting Back Against Aggravated Assault Allegations

When defending against aggravated assault charges, the goal is to either get the charges lessened or dismissed altogether before trial. An aggressive defense lawyer will thoroughly analyze the prosecution‘s case, looking for any weak points or legal loopholes we can attack.Here are some of the most common arguments we build assault defenses around:

  • Self-defense – If you can show you acted in self-defense against an attacker, this may justify dismissing the charges. The key is proving you faced an imminent threat and used reasonable force to protect yourself or others.
  • Misidentification – Eyewitness misidentification is a leading cause of wrongful convictions. If the victim or witnesses incorrectly pointed to you, we can challenge the credibility of these accounts.
  • No weapon involved – One factor that makes an assault “aggravated” is use of a dangerous weapon. If no weapon was involved, we may get charges reduced to simple assault.
  • Mental illness – In some cases, a mental health condition may have contributed to irrational violent behavior. This can potentially lead to getting charges dismissed and psychiatric treatment ordered instead of jail time.

An experienced assault lawyer will leverage these kinds of arguments to chip away at the prosecution‘s version of events. The more doubt and holes we create, the weaker their case becomes.

Finding the Right Woodbridge Criminal Defense Lawyer for You

If you or a loved one is facing aggravated assault allegations in Woodbridge, having the right lawyer in your corner makes all the difference. Take the time to research criminal defense attorneys with specific experience handling assault and violence charges in Virginia courts.Here are a few important things to look for as you vet potential lawyers:

  • Strong record of assault case dismissals – Ask about their case success stats and dig into the details of past assault defenses. Have they gotten charges dropped completely for other clients? Reduced to misdemeanors? Be wary of any vague claims.
  • Knowledge of Virginia assault laws – An out-of-state lawyer may not be well-versed on VA-specific assault statutes and sentencing guidelines. Local experience is huge.
  • Good rapport and communication – The lawyer-client relationship is deeply personal and trusting. Make sure you feel fully comfortable with and supported by whoever represents you.
  • Affordable legal fees – Assault defense costs vary widely by attorney experience, case complexity, etc. Be upfront about your budget constraints and discuss payment plans.

I would also strongly advise sitting down with a few Woodbridge criminal lawyers before deciding who to hire. Most offer free case consultations, giving you a chance to ask questions and explain your side before any commitments. Visit r/legaladvice to see reviews of attorneys in your area.

What Happens Next if You’re Charged with Aggravated Assault?

If you‘ve been arrested for aggravated assault in Woodbridge, the first 72 hours are critical. Here‘s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • You’ll be fingerprinted, photographed and booked into the local county jail.
  • Within 48 hours, you’ll go before a judge who decides whether to set bail or release you until trial.
  • A prosecutor then reviews the evidence and decides whether to formally file felony assault charges against you.
  • If charges are filed, you must appear at an arraignment hearing to enter your initial plea (guilty, not guilty, no contest).
  • Your defense lawyer will start investigating the allegations and building arguments to undermine the prosecution’s case.
  • Expect multiple back-and-forth court dates over several months leading up to your final trial.

Having an aggressive criminal lawyer in your corner from day one can make all the difference here. They will advocate for your release instead of sitting in jail for months pre-trial. They‘ll also take the lead on working out plea bargains or getting charges dismissed without a risky trial.Don’t go through this alone. The stakes are far too high.

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