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WoodbridgeNew Jersey Turnpike Charge

December 17, 2023

Understanding Toll Charges on the New Jersey Turnpike in Woodbridge

The New Jersey Turnpike is a major highway running through the state of New Jersey. For drivers passing through Woodbridge on the turnpike, there is a toll plaza located at interchange 11 where tolls must be paid. Understanding the toll rates and payment options can help drivers budget for travel and avoid unnecessary fees or violations.

Toll Rates at Woodbridge Toll Plaza

The toll rate at the Woodbridge toll plaza depends on the vehicle class and payment type:

Cash Toll Rates

  • Passenger vehicles: $1.60
  • Commercial vehicles (2 axles): $4.80
  • Commercial vehicles (3+ axles): $6.30-$12.20 depending on number of axles

NJ E-ZPass Toll Rates

  • Passenger vehicles: $1.11
  • Commercial vehicles (2 axles): $3.36
  • Commercial vehicles (3+ axles): $4.38-$8.56 depending on number of axles

E-ZPass customers receive discounted toll rates compared to cash payments. There are also volume discounts available for frequent commercial E-ZPass users.

Paying Tolls with Cash

Drivers paying cash tolls at the Woodbridge plaza should have exact change ready before reaching the toll booths. Change is not provided at the toll plazas, so not having correct change can result in having to overpay for the toll. Most passenger vehicle drivers should have $1.60 cash on hand for the one-way toll charge.

Cash lanes may also have higher wait times during peak travel periods compared to E-ZPass lanes. Keeping cash ready helps keep traffic moving smoothly through the toll plaza area.

Paying Tolls with NJ E-ZPass

NJ E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that allows drivers to pre-pay tolls and attach an E-ZPass transponder to their vehicle. As vehicles pass through E-ZPass lanes at toll plazas, the cost of the toll is automatically deducted from the pre-paid E-ZPass account.

E-ZPass lanes at the Woodbridge toll plaza provide faster processing than cash lanes. Drivers with E-ZPass can travel through the plaza without needing to stop to pay the toll, reducing travel time.

To use NJ E-ZPass at the Woodbridge toll plaza, drivers must set up an E-ZPass account in advance and properly mount an E-ZPass transponder in their vehicle according to the instructions provided. It’s important to check account balances periodically to ensure sufficient funds for paying tolls.

Violation Fees and Fines

Drivers who do not pay the proper toll at Woodbridge risk receiving a toll violation and fines. The standard toll violation fine is $50, which increases substantially for repeat violations. Drivers with E-ZPass accounts also face account suspension after a certain number of violations.

To contest a toll violation, customers must submit an appeal to the NJ E-ZPass Violations Department in writing within 30 days of receiving the violation notice. Supporting documentation should be included with the appeal letter explaining the reason for the missed toll payment.

Contacting NJ Turnpike Authorities

If drivers have questions or issues regarding New Jersey Turnpike tolls in Woodbridge, they can contact the New Jersey Turnpike Authority:

NJ Turnpike Authority
PO Box 5042
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Phone: (732) 750-5300

The authority’s customer service team can provide assistance with E-ZPass accounts, cash toll payments, violations and fines, construction impacts, and other operational issues. Contacting them promptly can help resolve most toll-related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Woodbridge toll plaza on the New Jersey Turnpike:

What vehicles are exempt from paying tolls? Emergency vehicles, military vehicles, and buses carrying NJ Transit markings do not have to pay tolls. All other vehicle types are required to pay.

Can I use other states’ E-ZPass transponders? Yes, E-ZPass is an interoperable system that allows use of transponders from other states. Your home state E-ZPass account will be charged after using the transponder on NJ roads.

What if my E-ZPass does not read properly? If your E-ZPass fails to read, you may receive a toll violation if you continue without paying the cash rate. You can contact customer service to report issues with your transponder. Make sure it is properly mounted according to guidelines.

What forms of payment can I use to reload my NJ E-ZPass account? You can reload your account using credit card, debit card or cash payments. Auto-reload options are also available to maintain a positive balance.

Final Tips

  • Get an E-ZPass to save money on New Jersey Turnpike tolls
  • Keep cash ready if paying cash tolls to avoid overpayment
  • Check account balances to avoid violations
  • Contact customer service promptly if issues arise

Understanding the toll payment system in Woodbridge can help make for a smooth trip when driving the New Jersey Turnpike. Following the proper payment procedures and avoiding violations allows drivers to focus on reaching their destinations safely and efficiently.


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